Tucker Boy

Tucker catching the rays on his perch beneath the tomatoes

We have several names for him — Tucker Boy, Big Boy, Big Man, Mr.Black.  But no matter how you slice it, he’s our Tucker.  130 pounds give or take a few and about to turn ten this December.  When my husband Jim and I started dating, he met Tucker with an oh, my God.  It was questionable if we would continue dating, at least it seemed so at the time, until I got to know my husband and how much he is a sucker for animals.  Tucker was about a year old at the time, like a ballistic missle gone haywire, bouncing off the walls in my two story townhome much too small for his ten story energy.   Part black lab/rottweiler,  he needed a ten acre ranch!   But that big hairy lug of a dog got to Jim’s heart.  He still lives there as he does in mine.

I adopted Tucker from a Wenatchee, Washington shelter, traveling the distance from Seattle twice, before I could take him home for good.  The shelter employee said he would be no more than 45-55 pounds, which was a gross under-estimation.   I cried the day I discovered the incorrect assessment from someone who knew better.  However, to this day, I will never regret my decision to hang on!  When we get crazy about our new dog child, Merlin, and all his wild ways, I am reminded about Tucker and how he challenged us both.  Laid back now and just a giant bear of a dog wanting scratches, we see in Merlin’s future a mellow dog!  At least we pray.

I am very partial to adopting shelter animals.  In fact, I recommend it highly!   There are so many great animals who need homes and the ones that have come our way have blessed our lives many times over. 

Tucker hangin' on the deck

This past month I got some shots of our big boy, gray whiskers and all.  Seeing the shots,  I am grateful for the gifts of all creatures great and small.

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